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The company's biography

Algomhoria Real Estate has been founded on the year 1964 in Zamalek the most classy district all over Cairo,. as all the famous respected families living there and the foreigners as well. So it becomes a center for all who seek the high standard living. With the foreigners very beginning lodging in Zamalek came the need for the agent who can efficiently deal with them this wouldn't happen without depending on a teamwork who understands all the client's needs guiding them to the suitable place without wasting their time and this becomes our strategy since the early beginning.
Then after proving our capability of dealing with all the different nationalities we started the growth that we become a self depended company after being shared with a partner, this growth included also the number of our customers and the services we offer such as the consulting and appraising that we continue gaining more and more experiences, our name ALGOMHORIA has become equal to only one meaning the leadership in our field, with a testimony of all the big companies we are dealing with such as:
  1. CIB Bank
  2. Orascom
  3. Lakah Group
  4. Metro Market
  5. Sigma
  6. Exchange
  7. US Port Said Language School
  8. Invista
  9. Nanko cars
  10. Engineering For Cars
  11. Kharafi Group
  12. International Trade Group
  13. Many hotels such as Semiramis and Conrad and Hilton and Sonesta
  14. Modern English Language School
  15. Master Food
  16. Embassies of Germany, Poland, Algeria
  17. Al Ahram Beverages
  18. Upper Egypt Contracting
  19. Intermediate
  20. U.S. aid
  21. Contact Car
  22. Virus Brokerage
  23. Snafy French Medicine
  24. Eprachy and Dermarker law firm and legal advice
  25. Al-Ahly Real Estate Development Company
  26. Cairo Housing and Reconstruction
  27. Export Development Bank
  28. Banque Misr Iran
  30. General Petroleum Corporation
  31. Arabian Station For News
  32. Obelisk Brokerage
  33. Rotana
  34. Al-Ahly Investment Real Estate
  35. Egyptian Group
The activities we are handling: We are specializing in marketing the property for sale or rent including doing all the needed negotiations with the buyer or the seller whether they are companies or individuals. What we are offering to our customer (our strategy):
  1. Understanding the different needs.
  2. Saving the time.
  3. Presenting varied offers.
  4. Using our web to show the best we have.
  5. Highly qualified trained marketers staff.
  6. Providing the cheapest prices for the best places.