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Capital Tower in October 6th

Capital Tower in October 6th

Capital Tower in October 6th

About Capital Tower Developer:

The company responsible for implementing the Capital tower project is Capital Hills Real Estate Development Company.

Capital Hills Development Company is one of the leading developers in investment and development activities in the real estate market thanks to all its previous projects.

The company has gained the trust of many customers and has achieved many successes. Capital Hills has been a tremendous success with many high-profile and well-known projects.

Capital Hills Real Estate Development always aims to satisfy all its customers by providing them with different levels of privacy to work on their comfort and well-being, offering high-security residential complexes and high-level of services and exquisite designs that are luxurious and sophisticated.

The company is characterized by choosing the best locations for its projects that have a unique urban character with different spaces and layouts adapted to the needs of each customer.

Tour Inside Capital Tower:

Capital Tower, located in the heart of the 6th of October city, is built on an area of 21 thousand meters.

The plaza area of the project is 14 thousand meters, characterized by its harmonious and attractive urban design. During the implementation, Capital Hills Real Estate Development relied on modern European methods to create a timeless cultural landmark.

The company also wanted to offer the best possible prices and payment systems specially designed to suit different customer capabilities. They are unique and provide all the conditions for success because they include (administrative, commercial, medical and hotel units) at the highest level.

Premium Location:

Capital Towers is one of the best commercial malls where Capital Hills wanted to choose a strategic and important location for its business. This mall is located in the city of 6 October, the ninth district, in the heart of the city of 6 October, directly on the axis of Jamal Abed Al-Nasser and Aman Compound (Family - Maamoura - Dayar Al-Taqabar) and also near Oasis Road and Central Hub. It is also close to main roads and highways, facilitating access to the mall from various areas.

Places Close to Capitol Hills:

It is also located near the 26 July hub, Hyperwan, New Cairo University, American Plaza.

- The capital tower project is within a few minutes' walk of Ghana Square and the Boulevard hub.

- Also within 5 minutes of the international park in the ninth district.

- Sphinx Airport is just 20 minutes from Capital Tower in October.

- Also near Dar al-Fouad's compound and hospital.

- Capital Tower Mall 6 October near Misr University of Science and Technology.

Project design:

Capital Tower October Mall occupies an area of 21 thousand meters. With a wide green area covering 82% of the total investment area, including commercial and administrative areas. Spaces starting at 28 square meters, with competitive prices starting at only 2 million and 400 thousand. Peerless and flexible payment systems. It has a very beautiful and modern design and is built using the latest and best building materials according to international standards, while maintaining the highest quality and accuracy. It features external fronts and indoor modules in modern European style.

It also (the largest restaurants and cafés in the Plaza - a cinema complex - a bank complex - a gaming zone for children and adults as well - an area of virtual reality - pharmacies - hypermarkets on a large area and Badeel playgrounds)

Units' spaces and pricing at Capital Tower Project 6 October:

The large area on which Capital October Tower was built allowed reasonable use of the space to provide administrative, commercial, medical and hotel spaces in different areas, allowing the customer to freely acquire buildings that correspond to his needs and activities.

- Land Houses (Commercial)

Spaces starting from 32m + 53m External area

To 96 m + External Space

Rates from 9,595,600

- First Floor (Commercial) retail

Spaces from 30 m to 85 m

Rates from 4.238.553

- Second floor FOOD COURT

Areas from 28m to 61m

Rates from 3,719,100

- Administrative units

Spaces from 30m to 45m

Rates from 2.405.811

- Medical units

Spaces from 33m to 109m

Rates from 2.400.338

Payment methods:

  - Maintenance 7% is due 6 months before receipt

- Receiving commercial units with red bricks: 3 years

- Receipt of fully finished medical and administrative units with air conditioning: 3.5 years.

_10% down payment and 5 years installments.

_15% down payment and 6 years installments.

_20% down payment and 7 years installments.

_25% down payment and 8 years installments.

_30% down payment and 9 years installments

Features and services offered by Capital Tower:

Because you deserve it; Capital Hills Real Estate Development Company has developed Capital Tower October, a distinctive high-end investment address on 6 October. It is designed in a beautiful and modern style.

They include the following:

- There is a unit maintenance and cleaning team at Capital Tower October with the latest technology and presence 24/7 to ensure that the project remains in its finest image.

- A large commercial area has been provided at Capital Tower October with all stores for the most famous brands and brands that customers prefer to enjoy shopping at Capital Tower Project 6 October.

- For more luxury and enjoyment at Capital Tower October a health center was provided to provide spa, jacuzzi and skincare sessions at the highest level.

- Gym Lounges for sports and fitness fans from Capital Tower October customers are provided with modern sports equipment and equipment under the supervision of professional trainers.

- There is a large hypermarket in Capital Tower October that offers all the needs of the house of food goods and products with the possibility of delivery to residential units throughout the day.

- For children, Capital October Tower has a recreational area that includes all games and activities suitable for their age and is monitored on cameras to ensure they spend quality time in a completely safe place.

- There are many restaurants and cafes offering the finest Eastern and Western cuisine.

The Capital October Tower has a high-end hotel unit that offers all the amenities the inmate needs through a 24/7 team.

- During the month of October, an electronic gaming room was provided at Capital Tower to meet all age groups and allow them to spend fun and recreational time in the project without boredom.

- In October, Capital Tower opened a cinema lounge equipped with state-of-the-art technology screens to watch exclusive international and local movies favorite by customers.

- Business customers can organize meetings and conferences in rooms equipped with the latest sound technology and screens.

- In order to provide healthcare to the customers of the Capital Tower, medical clinics were opened, equipped with the latest medical equipment and a team of specialized doctors.

- Capital October Tower has radiology centers and analytics plants equipped with equipment and equipment to provide medical care at the highest level.

-The Capital Tower has an ambulance, equipped with the necessary equipment and capable of providing emergency assistance that may arise for customers.

- The large area of Capital October Tower includes garages whose owners' cars can be parked securely without the risk of traffic jams or traffic jams.

- Capital Tower October provided building owners and employees with a warehouse to store goods and cabinets to ensure comfortable working conditions.

A charging area for electric vehicles was finally provided at Capital Tower in October to ensure customers' needs for modern technology are met.

Capital Hill Projects:

- New Capital Green Zayed Compound.

- East Point Mall 1, Fifth Settlement.

- Park Yard Mall, 6th of October.

- Point 9 Mall, New Administrative Capital.

- Point 11 Mall, New Administrative Capital.

- Park Bard Mall, New Administrative Capital.

- Win Plaza on 6th of October City