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Fouka Bay North Coast

Fouka Bay North Coast

Fouka Bay is a prominent residential and resort development located on the North Coast of Egypt, specifically in Ras El Hekma. As of my last update in September 2021, Fouka Bay is a project by Tatweer Misr, a real estate development company. Keep in mind that developments and information might have changed since then. Here are some general features and information about Fouka Bay as of my last update:

Location: Fouka Bay is situated in the Ras El Hekma area along the Mediterranean coast of Egypt. It's known for its beautiful beaches and clear blue waters.

Residential and Resort Development: Fouka Bay is designed to be a mixed-use development, offering both residential units and resort-style amenities.

Beachfront: One of the main attractions of Fouka Bay is its access to the beach. The development is designed to provide residents and visitors with a beachfront living experience.

Variety of Units: The development offers a range of residential units, including villas, chalets, and apartments, catering to different preferences and needs.

Amenities: Fouka Bay is likely to offer various amenities such as swimming pools, sports facilities, dining options, and recreational areas.

Landscaping: The development often emphasizes landscaping and green spaces to create a visually appealing and relaxing environment.

Seaviews: Many units in Fouka Bay are designed to offer panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea.

Community and Lifestyle: These types of developments often aim to provide a holistic lifestyle, with features that encourage community interaction and leisure activities.

Gated Community: Fouka Bay might be a gated community, offering security and privacy to residents and guests.