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Riviera EL Alamein

Riviera EL Alamein

Riviera EL Alamein


Relations between Egypt and Qatar have recently grown, especially at the economic level, as the Emirate seeks to make significant and diversified investments in the Egyptian market, which is abundant with promising opportunities and fertile ground to attract more capital from the country. Persian Gulf.

For Alamein Riviera  Project:

QIA has begun serious negotiations with the Egyptian government. Hotel investments planned by the State under the El-Alamein Riviera  tourism project in the western region of Al-Alamein New City. QIA officials were briefed on the project's outline.

They expressed great admiration for his location and characteristics, and stressed that regardless of this, the authorities intend to enter Egypt's tourism and hotel sectors during the coming period. Invest whether it exists or is offered. Qatar is set to launch new investments in hotel construction and the government has agreed to hand over operations to global companies such as Marriott, Acor and Rotana once established.

Qatar Investment Fund QIA is preparing the next period to sign contracts for the establishment of the city of Riviera on an area of 2,471 acres in the area between Sidi Abdulrahman and the city of Alamein.

According to the master plan, the project will be built on an area of approximately 10 million square meters and overlooking a 6-kilometer coastal strip, qualifying the project as an annual tourist destination on the north coast.

In addition to 10 250 additional hotel rooms, 3 thousand and 975 more will be created, creating more than 30 thousand jobs and attracting up to 3 million tourists a year, according to research conducted by the project.


Riviera :

Riviera Alamein has a variety of versatile areas, including the Marina area, family entertainment area, other water sports areas, beach clubs, golf, restaurants and retail outlets. New services will also be added in the city of Alamein. Al-Alamein, home to the world headquarters of the Medical City category as well as a medical centre. Veteran archaeologist Ahmed Amer said that the new Western Riviera  tourism project when completed will be considered a new phase and will be built according to the latest global tourism standards.


In a statement to Echo the Country, Amer added that the new city of Alamein needs global tourism revitalization in the coming periods, It will be of great importance following its placement on the international tourism map and will even increase the number of tourists from the top beach tourism amateur in the Egyptian State, In addition to its many activities, he noted that these projects contribute to the revival of the tourism movement coming to Egypt and provide more hard currency. Dr. Hussein Abdul Basir, Director of the Museum of Antiquities of the Alexandria Library, said the new project is an affirmation of the greatness of urban tourism projects implemented by the state under President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi. Who strives to make Egypt a piece of Europe, tracked: magic in the Mediterranean basin of civilizations and cultures through the times, noting that Egypt's Qatari cooperation will be productive and mutually beneficial