De Joya 2 New Capital

De Joya 2 New Capital


Project de Goya 2, the administrative capital

De Joya 2 New Capital, the administrative capital

De Joya 2 New Administrative Capital, DE JOYA 2 NEW CAPITAL, is among the most important existing mega projects

In the new administrative capital due to its capabilities that pave the way to make it a good opportunity for investment and a wonderful future for your children due to the presence of a number of units of different spaces and integrated services that meet your needs and do not go outside the project to buy

Anything from outside it, as well as the company implementing the project, has taken upon itself to make the project successful in all respects.

In order for the client to supply and submit all his papers to book his unit that suits his future potential and aspirations

Details of De Goia 2 New Capital

 De Joya 2 New Capital

Project name: De Goia 2 Compound.

Company name: The developer, Taj Misr Company.

Project location: In the New Administrative Capital, the R8 area, plot I5, directly on the tourist walkway.

Project Space: 11 acres.

Construction rate: 20% constructed.

Units' Type: studio - apartments - duplexes - villas.

Units Space: It ranges from 70 m2 up to 400 m2.

The meter's price in De Joya 2, the New Administrative Capital: starts from 10,500 EGP

Payment Methods: 0% downpayment and installments over 10 years.

De Joya 2 New Capital

It is considered one of the latest projects of Taj Misr for Real Estate Development and is available at the cheapest price per meter and the longest payment period in the New Administrative Capital, up to 10 years. Construction and engineering consultancy, Space and the well-known contractor “Eicc”.

There is also a group of apartments for sale in the New Administrative Capital that you contract for your wonderful unit without a down payment and installments over 10 years at a meter price starting from 10,500 thousand Egyptian pounds as the compound is completely marine inside the De Joya 2 Compound, the Administrative Capital

The company opened the door for reservation tomorrow, Tuesday 2/3/2021, and accommodated customers from 3/17/2021 to 3/27/2021.

The site of De Joya 2, the administrative capital, Compound De Joya 2 Ne w Capital

De Goia 2, the New Administrative Capital, is located in the R8 area, plot I5, on the tourist walkway, and the De Goia 2 site is distinguished next to the most important area full and integrated with services and the central park in the eighth residential district.

The Taj Misr Company, the owner of the project, has directed all its interests to choose the project site with precision and care, so that the project, with its location and services, can attract the largest number of customers and investors to benefit from reserving the unit and setting up projects that are appropriate

In addition to that, the services available in the compound.

One of the advantages of De Joya 2 New Capital is its strategic location within the most important interactive area in the heart of the New Administrative Capital.

The distinctive places near De Goia 2, the administrative capital

De Goia 2 overlooks the Green River.

In addition to that, next to the towers and skyscrapers area, the compound overlooks the new Diamond City.

De Goia, the New Capital, is located on four main streets.

In addition to that, next to the Diplomats neighborhood.

Close to downtown.

In addition to that, De joya 2 is near the compound main road on Bin Zayed South axis 120 m

Advantages of housing in the New Capital

When you get a housing unit in the New Administrative Capital, you will gain a large number of advantages, including:

The price per meter inside the apartments in the New Administrative Capital ranges between 9,000 and 18,000 EGP for apartments.

The New Administrative Capital contains a set of services required by all unit owners there.

The capital includes a restaurant and cafes that provide the best hotel services.

There are many swimming pools spread across the New Administrative Capital.

Sports clubs are spread with many modern sports equipment.

Medical clinics are available and spread with the latest medical equipment and tools, clinics treat all specialties, and medical analysis laboratories are available.

There is a spa, gym and jacuzzi.

There are shops that include a group of malls with the best international brands.

There are many entertainment places for children and adults.

Wide green areas and industrial lakes in different areas.

Specific meeting places for friends and family are dotted among the greenery.

To all the clients of our previous projects who contributed to the success of the company's previous projects:

- De Joya 1.

- Ezdan Downtown Mall.

In addition, Digoria Strip Mall.

It is a commercial mall located on the front of the compound, with an area of ​​15 thousand square meters, and an interface of 60 square meters is available, and it consists of two floors, one commercial and the other administrative.

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  • 24 hour Maintenance
  • 24 hour Security
  • Business Center
  • Gym


  • Parking Space
  • Elevator
  • Air Condition
  • Closed Compound


  • Shops
  • Villas
  • Twin Houses
  • Town Houses
  • Building
  • 2 level
  • Studio
  • Project
  • Shopping Mall
  • Villa
  • Twin House

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