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About Palm Hills Real Estate Development Company

Following a vision of creating self-sufficient and
well-integrated communities in Egypt, Palm Hills Developments has been a
continuously growing leading company in integrated residential and commercial
real estate and resorts since 1997. Today we have one of the largest real
estate banks in the country, and an impressive list of 29 projects in West
Cairo, East Cairo, the North Coast and the Red Sea. Palm Hills Real Estate
Development is listed on the Egyptian Stock Exchange and the London Stock
Exchange, traded under the symbols “” and “” respectively.

badya palm hills 6 october badya palm hills 6 october

The badya palm hills october project is located less than 10
or 15 minutes from the center of the 6th of October city, which is considered
one of the most important and attractive areas for investment in one of the
most luxurious areas, 15 minutes from the pyramids of Giza and no more than 30
km from the The heart of the capital, Cairo, badya palm hills location is also
considered the link between east and west Cairo, which increases the ingenuity
of the amazing and most important choice in one of the most strategic
locations, as well as the high distinction in the means of transportation that
have been recently developed, starting with the high-speed monorail Reaching
the fourth line of the subway .


Apartments spaces start from 147 m² up to 250 m². While the
townhouse middle space starts from 185 square meters for buildings. Townhouse
Corner space starts from 190 square meters for buildings. The twin house
represents an area of ​​not less than 234 meters and not more than 263 meters
for buildings .

Badya Palm Hills project services 6th of October

The project provides a range of integrated services that
cannot be dispensed with or not. The project is characterized by Badya palm
hills 6 october City - Badya Palm Hills 6th of October by the presence of
trained workers at the highest level of sophistication and excellence with the
latest global capabilities serving the residents of the compound, as well as
providing security and guarding on 24 hours a day with a group of guards
trained with the latest security technologies to increase the level of comfort
and safety, and the project also allows the presence of many markets that cover
all areas of the compound to facilitate obtaining the special requirements of
customers .

The project also made it possible to have many large areas
for family outings in the middle of the air, greenery and charming nature, with
more comfort and reassurance for customers and their families, due to the
availability of high-resolution cameras covering the project areas, and
post-ownership follow-up to increase the credibility of the client with the
availability of all services And the facilities within the Badya Palm Hills
project and provide a lot of pharmacies throughout the day to provide the
treatment requirements for the client without the need to leave the compound to
buy everything needed.

Features of Badya Palm Hills project in 6th of October City

One of the most important features that favors the site of
Badya Palm Hills 6 October from the rest of the other projects in all different
regions, where the company executing the project Badya palm hills 6 october
City - Badya Palm Hills 6 October provided that the project is signed with all
the features that each individual needs, for example :
The location of Badya Palm Hills in the 6th of October City
allows all customers in all residential units to see the park that is in the
middle of the city, two minutes away, in addition to another park that has been
allocated to all units of the units on an area of ​​600 meters.

Private parking with camera

Various areas of charming nature and landscaping.
A health club with a group of the best trainers.
Cameras for all areas to increase the security space inside
Badya Palm Hills October.
It is the first smart compound that works with modern
A private garden on a large area for all sections of the
International schools for all levels with accredited
certificates, and the best educational possibilities
Private hospitals in all specialties throughout the day at
the service of the residents of Badia Palm Hills.
Private lane for running and walking.
Gardens and malls.
Clubs, cafes and restaurants.
kitchen utensils
Central air-conditioning
private jacuzzi
security personnel
private garden
reception service
Room service
wall cabinets
Private gym
Shared gym
Housecleaner's room
A place to study
dressing room
private pool
Shared swimming pool
Animals allowed
Overlooking lakes
Overlooking a major landmark
Shared health club
Children's pool
retail area
Children's play area
BBQ area
lanes for wheels
pedestrian paths
cross bridges
medical Center
golf area
Commercial area
Crystal Lagoon
air conditioner
Kitchen Cabinets
business hall
Wireless connection
private beach
Badya palm hills prices
It is characterized by the absence of a down payment, and
the installments are over 10 years, and they are quarterly, meaning that the
installment is paid every 3 months, and it is possible that the installment
that he wants to pay every 3 months is determined by the buyer .



  • 24 hour Security


  • Parking Space
  • Closed Compound


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