Evora Tower New Capital

Evora Tower New Capital

Commercial projects

Evora Tower New Capital

Administrative Projects

Evora Tower New Capital

Residential Projects

Evora Tower New Capital


Rovan real estate development

 It's a set of hurricanes

Chairman of the Board of Directors / Mohamed Medina

 They have a land portfolio in the capital

Previous work

19 years in the real estate market

I work in:

the picnic




 They have more than one business

(Car trade + land trade and partnerships + iron trade + agricultural grain trade .......... etc.

When he thought they would go down to the administrative capital?

Find a very special piece of land

on space

 2,600 meters

we will build on me

 Only 30% of the land area

It means flat

800 meters

A plot of land and taken to the corner of the main street

pharmaceutical companies

Main Street

🪶 26 meters that takes you to the Central Park

The mall is ground + 12 floors

divided as follows:

(ground + first + second commercial)

Third round


from the role

(fourth for 12 administrative offices)

Offices, clinics and clinics, finished with air conditioners

When did we put down prices and payment systems?

company cheese


arkrett engineering consultant

MRB . Management and Operation Company

Latest update prices per m

 Ground: 105,000 to 133,500

 First: 65910 to 80,000

 Second dining hall: 69318 to 82108

 Medical: Sold