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Dejoya strip mall 2

Dejoya strip mall 2

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Dejoya strip mall 2
Dejoya strip mall 2


Taj Misr, the second largest mall in
the administrative capital and the eighth residential district, is launched
directly in front of the central park and on a tourist walkway with a frontage
of 420 meters, to become the second largest shopping mall in the eighth
residential district
 Taj Misr Company:
Taj Misr for Real Estate Development
is taking giant steps in the field of real estate development, confirming its
leadership and confidence in Egyptian architecture.
Among their most successful projects
The Address Compound (M / Hassan
Dora) Sheikh Zayed
Greens Compound (m/ Hassan Dora)
Sheikh Zayed
The American School of Sheikh Zayed
South Cairo Courts Complex
police Academy
Strip Mall 2 services:
- Cafes and restaurants
- Hypermarket
- Banking area
- pharmacies
- Mixed used shops
Clinics and administrative offices
Dejoya strip mall 2 consists of
- Ground and 2 floors
- The ground floor includes cafes,
restaurants and pharmacies, and the first floor includes
The food court and Mixed used stores

Spaces and prices:

Ground floor areas start from 45
meters at a price of 115000 per square metre
First floor areas start from 40
meters at a price of 70000 per square metre
The second floor areas start from 20
meters at a price of 55000 per square metre
Payment systems:
10% down
payment over 10 years equal installments

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Dejoya strip mall 2



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