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Marassi North Coast

Marassi North Coast

Marassi North Coast

Information about the developer of Marassi Village:

 Marassi North Coast. We have always been accustomed to the fact that behind the largest real estate and investment projects there is a company with a big name and great importance in the real estate market, and when we knock on the door, we must talk about Emaar Misr for real estate development and investment. It is one of the leading, largest, and most competitive companies in the real estate sector. Emaar Misr is one of the UAE companies that was established in 1995, and the company's successes are due to its founder, who is a large Emirati

businessman Engineer/Mohammad Ali Alabbar:

Mohamed Ali Alabbar (born November 8, 1956) is a prominent businessman from the United Arab Emirates, best known for his role as the founder of Emaar Properties, which has gained worldwide fame as the creator of iconic Dubai landmarks such as the Burj Khalifa and Dubai, shopping center. Alabbar is the founder and CEO of Eagle Hills, Abu Dhabi's leading investment and development company. He also had the idea to build the Dubai Creek Tower, which was planned to become the tallest tower in the world. An entrepreneur and engineer, Mohamed Alabbar has executed many exceptional projects that are characterized by quality, sophistication, and true excellence. In 2005, Emaar Misr entered the Egyptian stock market. As for achievements in the real estate sector, the company has achieved many successes in the Middle East region and implemented many projects.

Its fame and business have reached the UAE, Egypt, North America, Europe, and other countries.

Previous business of the company: 

Businesses inside Egypt:

- Cairo Gate Compound in Sheikh Zayed area

 - And Uptown Cairo Compound in Mokattam, through which the company won the FLASLA International Planning and Analysis Award in 2014.

 - Mivida project in New Cairo.

 - In addition to the Mivida Business Park Mall located in the Fifth Settlement, where the company won the Golden Cluster Award for the best international site plan in 2015.

- It was also distinguished by its work in developing the Library of Alexandria and establishing a new facility in the same location as the old library.

- As for Marassi North Coast Village, the company won the award for the best entertainment and tourism project in 2014.

The company's work outside Egypt:

- The company contributed to the establishment and construction of Burj Khalifa, Dubai.

- It also built Dubai Mall, which includes about 1,300 units.

- Implementing the Gold and Diamond Complex in 2011.

- It also implemented Souk Al Bahar overlooking the Dubai Fountain.

- The presidential rest house is also in Dubai.

- Its work outside Egypt is joined by the Tuscan Valley Villa Compound, which is a project in the heart of Istanbul, Turkey.

A tour inside Marassi Village North Coast:

Marassi Village is at the highest level of luxury and sophistication, and it was developed by Emaar Misr Properties, which designed the project using the best methods and models of international companies that brought us to this architectural engineering masterpiece.

It is worth noting that the Marassi North Coast project accommodates a tourist harbor with a space for about 400 boats. Other recreational activities, such as water skiing, surfing, swimming, scuba diving, and other fun water sports, are also available.

Marassi North Coast is the perfect place to spend a vacation full of luxury, relaxation, and fun, and in terms of investment, it is a safe and absolutely optimal option for earning money and investing in the short or long term Marassi Resort includes 23 residential complexes, and its feature is that it includes many different units in the building system, such as apartments and villas, in addition to various spaces.

The village has special communities, where each community or unit has a special architectural character and a different level from others, where Greek, European, and American styles are considered and shared, as well as all architectural styles in the world.

In its development,Tatweer is working on Emaar Beach.

Marassi North Coast's various phases:

Marassi North Coast Village consists of more than one floor, and each floor has its own architectural character, from Greek, Spanish, and modern Italian designs to more than one model, allowing you to choose the unit in which you feel at home and comfortable in the compound. Architectural aspects, 

And the village consists of several phases: 

Marina West Phase

Marina West is the capital of the North Coast of Marassi.

It is also one of the best tourist resorts in the world and enjoys a privileged location close to the village and many international hotels, making it the best place for entertainment and vacations, relaxing on the beaches under the stunning sun, watching yachts in the marina, or doing what you love.

At MarinWest, you can live like a king, Marina West offers bunk beds in one- to three-bedroom Marassi homes with luxurious Super Luxe furnishings and different-sized rooms. 

Marassi Bay Phase:

Marassi Bay is one of the most distinctive neighborhoods, a space designed for peace and privacy like Sidi Abdel Rahman, where the views are magnificent and enjoyable. As you arrive at Anchorage's Coastal Bay, you will discover many details and designs of the unique architectural style evident in the buildings and the beautiful street view that makes this neighborhood unique.

This phase is one of the most distinctive phases of Marassi North CoVillage, lage, with its exquisite design and diverse amenities that suit guests' needs.

Marina Views stage:

Marina Views Marassi Marina is a nautical luxury because it is designed in an architectural style inspired by the most famous beaches in the world where there are natural and artificial landscapes.

It allows residents to sit and enjoy a romantic candlelit dinner similar to Miami International Beach, and helps the atmosphere relax the mind and body until they reach physical and psychological comfort away from the pressures of life.

But Marassi North Coast Beach is distinguished by being one of the best beaches overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.

Marassi Greek Village Stage

Inspired by the Greek style, especially the city of Santorini, this unit is located in a special and wonderful location on the top of Marassi Hill and offers many picturesque and wonderful views.

There are apartments and houses designed in the Greek style for the architectural character based on white and blue, a comfortable design that gives comfort and tranquility to its residents, so it is one of the distinctive places in the Marassi project village.

The Greek Village project was implemented in cooperation between Emaar Misr and the UAE company Arabtec, a company specializing in construction, and 1.6 billion pounds were allocated for the project costs.

The company announced its plans to create a huge urban community within Marassi Village, which consists of 42 townhouse units, in addition to 18 residential buildings, as well as 7 bungalows within the project.

The board of directors of Emaar Misr, the developer of Marassi Village, announced that the company has opened five new branches within the project, one of these branches in the Vida Marina Hotel, and the second in the Idres Marassi Beach Hotel, in addition to the Verdi branch, the Blanca branch, and the Marina Inn One branch.

Marassi Village Location:

 Marassi North Coast is located in a distinctive and important location, at kilometer 125 of the Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road, which is considered the best location on the North Coast. 

The village has been designed based on the latest real estate and international projects in terms of spaces, design, and the presence of all major services and facilities. 

Marassi Egypt's location is considered the most important asset in the history of the project, as it is close to the most important cities and the most important landmarks of the North Coast. Therefore, we conclude that the location attracts all customers and investors wishing to invest in one of the most important real estate projects on the Mediterranean coast. 

Places near Marassi North Coast:

The ideal location where Marassi North Coast is located is characterized by its proximity to various services and highways, and it is close to important landmarks in the region,such as:

- Porto Marina (37 km).

- Al Alamein Museum, 27 km away. 

- New Alamein City is 10 km away. 

- Alexandria is 125 km away. 

- Alamein Airport and Borg El Arab Airport are no more than 30 minutes away. 

Area of ​​Marassi North Coast Village:

A huge area has been allocated to Marassi village on the North Coast of Egypt to build the Marassi Coast complex and project. 

The project area is 1455 acres, which is a huge area as it is the largest tourism project after El Gouna, but it is distinguished by the cleanliness of its picturesque beaches, and Marassi Village includes a beach with an area of 6.26 million square meters with 4 main entrances to the city. The complex is also divided into several floors and different living areas. While Marassi Village is a premier vacation and beach resort, it offers all services and facilities at the highest level to enable its residents to live a life of luxury and elegance. Marassi, on the North Coast of Egypt, also includes a group of residential complexes, each with its own character and design. Everything is different, for every taste. The area includes about 8 districts, 8 first-class hotels, and 5 wonderful beaches. In addition to the Marassi North Coast project, which includes the largest port in the Middle East, the city has a continuous circular road. You will also find every type of unit within Marassi North Coast Village that you can think of. 

The units vary between hotel apartments, chalets, studios, detached villas, and standalone villas, all of which are luxuriously designed and offer great views.

The luxurious design of Marassi North Coast: 

Marassi Village North Coast is one of the most beautiful residential areas on the Mediterranean Sea, and its units are characterized by a design that embodies luxury and unparalleled beauty. Apartments in Marassi Village are characterized by several aesthetic and practical aspects: 

Strategic location: Marassi is a privileged area characterized by beautiful sandy beaches and breathtaking landscapes, giving its residents an exceptional experience of living on the beach. Highly engineered design: The design of the units is harmonious and elegant, with the use of fine architectural elements and aesthetic details that add an artistic touch to the buildings. Panoramic views: The units offer magnificent views of the sea and the surrounding areas, enhancing the sense of tranquility and serenity for residents. 

Privacy and comfort: The units are designed to provide a high degree of privacy, in addition to providing all modern amenities and equipment. 

Gardens and green spaces: Marassi has green spaces and beautiful gardens that enhance the natural atmosphere of the community and provide places for rest and recreation. Integrated Infrastructure: The village has an integrated infrastructure, including commercial and recreational facilities and readily available transportation. 

Fine interior details: The interiors of the units are filled with fine details and luxurious materials, enhancing the welcoming and luxurious atmosphere of each home. In short, the design of Marassi Village North Coast units accentuates beauty and provides an exceptional residential experience that blends comfort and luxury. 

Services offered by Marassi Village:

Emaar Development is one of the largest companies in the real estate development sector. Therefore, the company recognizes the importance of having first-class services that can meet all the needs of Marassi Sidi Abdulrahman's customers. 

These services include: 

Hotel: There is a distinctive hotel available for customers, guests, and visitors from outside the Marassi North Coast project, and this hotel offers hotel services at the highest level. 

Golf Course: There is a large private golf course where you can practice golf with your friends and have fun. 

Hospital: The project has a hospital with various specialties, and there are outpatient clinics, which you can resort to in the event of any accident or if you want to check on your health or the health of your family members. 

Swimming pools: The Marassi project includes a large number of swimming pools that vary in shape and size and are distributed over the entire village, for women, men, and children, and are suitable for all ages. 

Entertainment areas: There are many recreational areas on the Marassi North Coast for children and adults. 

Yacht marina: Sidi Abdel Rahman North Coast has a French-style yacht and fishing marina, which is considered the largest yacht marina in the entire world. 

Trails for children and adults: There are many paths for walking, jogging, and cycling for children and adults away from cars. 

Garage: There is a garage on a large area in the Marassi project for cars on a large area to prevent overcrowding and congestion in the project and to give customers their own privacy. Barbecue areas: There are many areas in Marassi on the north coast where you can hold barbecues and parties for you or your family. 

Health clubs and gyms: There are many clubs in the project and a gym that helps you exercise, increase activity,and increase vitality. 

Mosques: Marassi North Coast includes a large number of mosques that include large numbers of worshippers and are designed in an Islamic style. 

Restaurants: Marassi North Coast has a large number of restaurants that enjoy distinctive and wonderful views and offer the most delicious and best cuisine that you can enjoy with your friends and family. 

Children's areas: Marassi North Coast has special areas for children to play for fun and safety. Security and safety: The Marassi North Coast project has many services provided to customers to maintain security and safety, through the presence of highly trained security personnel and surveillance cameras. 

Gas station: The project has a gas sta;ion, you can fill your car with gasoline without having to go outside the project. 

Clubhouse: There are 3 clubhouses within Sidi Abdel Rahman Marinas that provide entertainment services for customers. 

Crystal Lagoons: Marassi Sidi Abdel Rahman Village includes Crystal Lagoons on a large area, which beautifies the shape of the project, gives it a wonderful aesthetic appearance, and overlooks the units. 

Commercial areas: Marassi Sidi Abdel Rahman Village includes many commercial areas on large areas, including shops, malls, selling brands, international brands, and daily products used by the individual in his daily life.

Features that characterize Marassi Village: 

Marassi North Coast is characterized by having the best geographical location in the Middle East and being spread over a huge area equipped with all the recreational facilities that everyone needs. 

Marassi North Coast is also characterized by a large-length beach and residential communities of different styles with designs at the best level of planning and implementation. 

In addition to the village of Marassi North Coast, it ranges from apartments and villas of different sizes to townhouses, each community has a different form from the other in terms of architectural design. 

Marassi North Coast also has five beautiful beaches with direct views of the Mediterranean Sea and clear waters that relax the view and provide psychological comfort other than the issues of Mivida Compound, while Marassi North Coast has an effective harbor on the north coast of Marassi in addition to the largest yacht marina in the Middle East designed in the French style. There are also many international shopping centers in Marassi Misr, the most famous of which is Marassi Coast Shopping Center, which includes many shops that sell international brands.

In addition to Marassi Misr's excellent restaurants and cafes, there are specially designed areas for children's entertainment that are monitored with the latest control devices to ensure the safety of children and keep them away from the hustle and bustle of Mivida Compound. There are also large agricultural green spaces, architectural design, and panoramic views, in addition to special tracks for cyclists, bike races, and running sports. Marassi Misr also has large agricultural green spaces with architectural design and panoramic views.

Types of units in Marassi:

The variety of residential units in Marassi Municipality is very large, as the type and size of residential units vary according to the residential area and the stage in which the apartments, villas, terraced houses, and villas are located. 






They include:

- chalets with areas starting at 75 square meters per room. 

- Three-room chalets have an area of 109 square meters. 

- 3 bedroom chalets have an area of 122 square meters. 

- Townhouses with areas starting from 232 square meters up to 327 square meters. 

- Twin houses with spaces starting at 363 square meters. 

- Studios with spaces starting at 61 square meters. 

- Villas with spaces starting from 322 square meters up to 785 square meters 

Payment systems in Marassi Village: 

The developer will not be satisfied with the many advantages that have been provided in Marassi Coast and the distinctive prices, but it has provided very flexible and easy payment systems that facilitate the purchase and payment process for the buyer, and these systems are as follows: 

The latest system: Pay a down payment of 15% of the total unit value and pay the remaining amount over a period of 7 years. 

The reasons why you should own your unit in Marassi Village are:

 Marassi, North Coast Let's forget about the countless and endless services; let's mention your location in the village that makes you close to Greater Cairo and Alexandria in such a way that your unit becomes your first home, which makes it easy for you to visit permanently throughout the year and not just in the summer months.This advantage is in addition to the fact that the company saves you the burden of finishing and searching for furnishings and offers you complete and distinctive hotel units; other units leave you free to choose their furnishings according to the tastes of customers. 

As for the financial aspect of the project, it is a point that we have not reached yet, but in general, the competitive prices are of the first class and do not match all the comfort, luxury, and enjoyment that you will receive in the resort, which was designed by experts to make Marassi North Coast the first destination for investors, tourists, and its valued customers.

All this in addition to the easy payment methods that enable you to freely choose your own unit directly on the sea with only 5% down payment and facilities up to the longest payment period and without any interest.