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The cheapest villages on the North Coast - EGYPT

The cheapest villages on the North Coast - EGYPT

Ras El Hekma: This area is located west of Alexandria and is known for its beautiful beaches and calm environment. It has been a popular destination for those seeking a more relaxed atmosphere compared to some of the more developed North Coast areas.

Marsa Matrouh: While some parts of Marsa Matrouh can be more touristy and expensive, there are areas that offer more budget-friendly options. This Mediterranean city is famous for its stunning beaches and clear waters.

Sidi Abdel Rahman: This area is situated near El Alamein and has been attracting attention as a quieter and more affordable alternative to some of the larger North Coast resorts.

Borg Al Arab: Closer to Alexandria, Borg Al Arab has gained attention for its growing real estate market and relatively lower property prices compared to some other parts of the North Coast.